I Am Ready For My Next Role.

After being laid off in March, I decided to take a couple months to decompress and create space to think about what I was looking for in my next role. In the interim, I asked that you Hire My Team.

Now, I'm ready for you to Hire Me.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on my position in the industry, my existing skill set, and where I want to go with my career. What I have described below is my dream job - one where I can best take advantage of my skills to make a big impact for both my employer, and for the open source ecosystem. Here is what I'm looking for in my next role.

I Want To Take Bigger Risks.

While I was at Indeed, I had a tremendous opportunity to create an Open Source Programs Office from scratch. I led my team as we built programs to grow and measure open source contributions, improve Indeed's open source security posture, and change the way the industry thinks about sustaining their open source dependencies with our FOSS Contributor Fund model. Much of my growth at Indeed came because I was given opportunities to take risks on the path to success. I am grateful for this growth, and I am ready to grow even more.

In my next role, I want to aim for bigger impact and take bigger risks.

I am looking for a company that wants to take some big swings at some challenging open source problems, and be willing to miss a few times before we nail it. I want to work where psychological safety is valued, because it encourages risk and learning. I want to work where we'll talk about why it won't work, and then try it anyway.

I Want To Lead A Diverse Organization.

If necessary, we can build the organization from scratch.

I loved my team at Indeed. Kevin Smith, my engineering manager (Hire Kevin), helped me build out a diverse team that supported each other, shared opportunities, and grew together. Including me, the team was nine people - enough for a game of Hollywood Squares or a Brady Bunch credits sequence.

In my next role, I want to lead a larger organization, with diversity as a core value.

I am looking for a company that will entrust me with a multi-leveled organization that has the scope, authority, and resources to tackle complex problems and build robust programs. I am specifically looking for a larger organization both because it will indicate our opportunity to affect change in the industry, and because I want to develop experience leading a larger organization.

I Want To Write Bigger Checks In Support Of Open Source.

In the talk I gave at SoCal Linux Expo last year, I spent a lot of time digging into the open source funding work I led at Indeed. By the end of 2022, our program wrote just over $2,000,000 worth of checks for open source foundations, projects, people, and events. Our work in this area built Indeed's reputation as a thoughtful and mindful member of the open source ecosystem.

In my next role, I want to make a significant impact on the open source funding landscape.

I am looking for a company that wants me to develop and lead aspirational, transformational funding initiatives. I want to stop talking about open source funding through the lens of signing authority and marketing budgets and start talking about open source funding through the lenses of per-developer investment, profit-sharing, and equity.

I Want To Continue Investing In Partnerships.

I have invested significant time over the past nine years building strong partnerships that go beyond corporate open source programs. I do keynotes, panels, podcasts, and summits. I led the FOSS Responders effort to mobilize support for FOSS events impacted by COVID. I lead a working group in support of leaders and executive directors of free software and open source foundations. My work with open source funding initiatives has led to collaborations across the philanthropic funding space. My Technologist Fellowship at the National Security Institute has connected me to folks involved in the crafting of public policy and legislation. I mentor and consult with people involved in bringing open source programs offices to academia.

In my next role, I want to continue to invest in and grow these partnerships.

I am looking for a company who understands the value of building these partnerships. This work pays dividends in learning and opportunities that cannot be replaced.

I Want Some Other Things Too.

I want to create opportunities for people in my new organization to grow as leaders, so that they will succeed and exceed me.

I want to change your company's relationship with open source, from The Board to The Backend and Everywhere In Between.

I want to use our funding initiatives to improve the lives of the humans who create the open source software used by your company and the rest of the world.

I want to work with people who care about Critical Human Infrastructure.

I want my work to matter.

What Do You Want?

You might want something not listed above. You might want to Hire Me anyway. If that's you, then let's talk and see if we can find something that we BOTH want.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me directly.

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